Plug & Play

Human Motion AI Analysis

Enabling your product to understand human activities via camera.

Detailed analysis

Computer vision models for extensive human motion analysis.

Real-time and post-analysis.

Model Advantages

Up to 27 human body key-points and joints.

Vertical and horizontal positions.

Bright and dark illumination.

Moving and static noise and obstacles.

Actions, Activities, Interaction

Pose estimation and action recognition.

Activity quantification and performance analysis.

Activity correctness control.


2D estimation for real-time analysis on mobile devices.

3D estimation for more demanding post-analysis.

Ready to use SDK & API

We are constantly upgrading our Web API, as well as Apple and Android SDK for the most used scenarios.


Conventional (RGB) and range cameras.

Smartphones, tablets, and laptops.


ArtFit - AI Personal Trainer

This AI-powered mobile app helps users who work out at home to perfect their exercise technique and reach their fitness goals fast & safe.

ArtiFit recognises user’s motions through a smartphone camera, determines mistakes by comparing exercise techniques with digital models and gives real-time visual and voice tips on how to do the exercise properly.

The app counts reps, pace, mistakes and total training duration, saving all data for further analysis.

SDK by subscription

Use our SDK and API by subscription with a range of human activities and movements to pump up your product and redefine your business strategy

Custom computer vision models

Reach out to us any time — we are happy to cooperate in developing and training computer vision models for your specific application area to let you reach your business objectives

Consulting and support

We consult during the implementation processes, help to update and re-train models for changing conditions.